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O. Petrova "Lysistrata"

"Lysistrata" is the immortal comedy of Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, in which women led by wise Lysistrata devise a shrewd way of ending a war: they deny their husbands all sexual pleasures until a peace treaty is signed. Forced to choose between Love and War, the men choose Love.

Renowned choreographers Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev present a new ballet version of "Lysistrata". In the 60s, the couple put on ballets for Moscow’s Bolshoi and St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky theaters, starring Plisetskaya, Baryshnikov, Maksimova and Malakhov… Later, they founded a ballet troupe of their own. Among their disciples are 19 gold medalists of international ballet contests, 2 Grand-Prix winners and 5 laureates of the Paris Dance Academy award.

Over 70 dancers are engaged in "Lysistrata", both well-known soloists and rising stars. Yekaterina Berezina shines in the part of Lysistrata, Artyom Khoroshilov in the part of Leonid. Nikolai Chevychelov dances the part of Plutus, who narrates the story on behalf of Aristophanes.

The ballet is set to the music composed by Olga Petrova. Yelizaveta Dvorkina designed the scenography and costumes. The Novaya Opera Theater conducted by Valery Kritskov will provide live musical accompaniment.

Ballet lovers will enjoy an eclectic mix of robust modern choreography and Russian classical dance, beautiful erotic scenes and innocent jokes, top-class dancers wearing next to nothing, and the sets in Euclid style.

"Any genres except the boring ones!" is Kasatkina and Vasilev’s motto.

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